What Are Coding and Marking Machines Used For?

Coding and marking machines are commonly seen in all industries, particularly in manufacturing, and are essential for tracing products or items. Coding and marking are also essential in the system of quality control, making varying types of quality identifiable. This in turn increases consumer confidence as your products are better able to comply with safety standards. Important information is also delineated in this way, helping manufacturers be more industry compliant.


Coding and marking are also very useful when marking batches as high volumes can be coded and marked with ease.


The coding machines offered at Allied Distributors are very durable and allow you to mark on both plastic and paper labels, and long-lasting material is used to ensure that your products are pleasing and presentable for a substantial period.

Types of Coding and Marching Machines

There are different types of coding and marking machines available at Allied Distributors, depending on your needs and requirements.

Rollerpack coding machines use a replaceable ink impregnated roller or an interchangeable base lock rubber type. These machines are useful for marking products such as boxes or cartons and continuous material such as cores.

The Rollerprint is suited for the marking of continuous material and is equipped with a sealed ink cartridge. Also known as a method of direct printing, it can provide numerous repeats prints up to a length of 25cm, with ink available in a variety of colours. This machine is well suited for both plastic and porous materials.

The rollermarker is a handheld marking machine that is best suited for marking porous materials. It is designed with a baselock for a quick marking setting as well as a replaceable ink roller. Allied Distributors has a variety of models of different sizes with either the continuous station or a spring return.

Rollerprint rollermarkers are used for marking non-porous materials and are equipped with a fast-drying ink situated in a contained ink cylinder. This device is suitable for more heavy-duty environments and industries and can be fitted with a pump to ensure that the correct amount of ink is being injected from the roller for your specific needs.

The Kortho Roller Coder is a quick and efficient contact printer and can mark on any material and in any position. Too suited for industrial environments, it is also equipped with an ink pump to get the right ink injection to suit your specifications for the printing.

The TC Pneumatic Coder uses pressurised air and is great for use in harsh and even wet environments, making it well suited for printing best before dates onto products in a fast and

efficient manner. It uses air to perform the action and is not motor-powered, making it simple to use.

The Kortho Hot Coder can print on any type of material. It is well suited for printing on moving products and can print up to three lines of text.

The Hot Code Printer prepares a clean and neat print using a thermal printing ribbon to avoid contamination of the print by oils. Using the ribbon, the printing stencil will push against the ribbon where after the ribbon will make contact with the printing material, ensuring a clean and precise finish.

Hot Foil Printers use a process by which foil is used to press the printing onto the material. It can be used on a variety of materials and products and creates a scratch-free print for both individual products as well as packaged products.

The Manual Hot Code Printer is a manual machine that uses thermal ribbons to print clean and neat markings, avoiding oil contamination.

Last but not least are the baselock hand stamps that are fitted with a ribbed rubber base and are available in any size. They are also available in a curved handstamp design as well as in reciprocating designs.

Allied Distributors’ range of coding and marking machines will streamline your process and make the smooth running of your particular industry easy. Contact us today for specialised advice and support, or browse through our catalogue for more information on our products.

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