The Foenix range of ink jet printers are all designed as industrial inkjet printers for coding and marking solutions. The critical design criteria for each product are ease of use, low maintenance and cost effectiveness whilst giving ultra high resolution printing.


Contact coders are ideal where a product requires infrequent message changing or the environment requires a non-electronic solution with zero maintenance.


Sealing Machines are perfect to seal top and bottom.


We offer a full range of stapling products. Our range include manual, pneumatic and bottom staplers. We stock a full range of spares and accessories and offer a one year warranty on all products and repairs.


We offer a range of strapping machines that include polyester and steel strapping machines. We stock all accessories and spares.


We offer both manual and electronic stencilling machines inclusive of all parts and accessories.

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Plastic Products And Manufacturing With Allied Distributors

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Allied Distributors is one of the leading plastic manufacturers in South Africa.


Furniture manufacturers generally use aerothene foam for wrapping and protecting furniture. However, Aerothene can be used for any application where a product needs to be protected while in storage or transit. The roll can be cut into different lengths to customer requirements.

Sizes: 1 250 mm width x 1 mm – 5 mm thick.

The embossed layers of foam are ideal for protecting finished wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, and painted or unpainted metals.

  • Super lightweight foam is safe for plants and produce.
  • Microfoam doesn’t absorb water but is completely breathable to resist mould and mildew.
  • Reusable and recyclable.
  • This non-abrasive, lightweight air foam has thousands of cushioning air cells to protect your product.
  • Shock-absorbing foam protects delicate items.
  • Provides light cushioning and surface protection.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Air foam can also be custom-sheeted.
  • Anti-static air foam protects electronic components.

Pallet wrap/stretch wrap

Stretch wrap and pallet wrap are examples of the latest innovations in the field of protective packaging we supply as plastic manufacturers in South Africa. This product comes in various sizes and thicknesses. Available with or without extended core. New technology has allowed us to introduce a more economical super saver range with the same strength as the thicker micron pallet wraps, which is considerably cheaper.

Packed in boxes of six.

Why wrap or cover your precious cargo with loose tarps when you can keep everything tightly secure with our state-of-the-art stretch wrap materials? Regardless of the size or shape of your products, our revolutionary stretch wrap and pallet wrap will provide a protective shell for storage or transportation.

Moisture must be considered when transporting machinery, pharmaceuticals, or electronics. Without the proper protective materials, including stretch wrap, exposure to moisture can lead to corrosion. The stretch wrap film offers corrosion protection and is part of a complete corrosion prevention solution.

Pallet wrap and stretch wrap comes in different sizes and thicknesses.

In pallet unitising, stretch wrap can have several functions, including:

  • Improved stability of products or packages, forming a unit load.
  • More efficient handling and storage of unit loads.
  • Dust and moisture protection.
  • Tamper resistance and resistance to package pilferage.

Stretch wrap is the most cost-effective way to secure loads on a pallet.

We also provide a hand-held pallet wrap holder or a larger pallet wrap machine to palletise loads of up to 1 650 kg and 2 m high.

Bubble wrap

  • Used for protecting packaging.
  • Available in 1 250 m x 100 m rolls
  • Big bubble D120
  • Small bubble C100

Plastic bags

Various sizes are available.

Plastic tubing

  • In 15 kg rolls, up to 100 microns. 
  • Plastic tubing can be used to make up smaller bags for parcelling, spare parts, or small parcels of grain.

Silk seals

Security seals printed with your company name and product serial number.

Plastic crates

  • Available in different sizes. 
  • Collapsible crates are also available
  • Can be marked with your company’s name and contact number.

Ziplock bags

Available in various sizes

Plastic cable ties

Available in different lengths.

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Allied Distributors is the name you can trust regarding plastic manufacturers in South Africa

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