The Foenix range of ink jet printers are all designed as industrial inkjet printers for coding and marking solutions. The critical design criteria for each product are ease of use, low maintenance and cost effectiveness whilst giving ultra high resolution printing.


Contact coders are ideal where a product requires infrequent message changing or the environment requires a non-electronic solution with zero maintenance.


Sealing Machines are perfect to seal top and bottom.


We offer a full range of stapling products. Our range include manual, pneumatic and bottom staplers. We stock a full range of spares and accessories and offer a one year warranty on all products and repairs.


We offer a range of strapping machines that include polyester and steel strapping machines. We stock all accessories and spares.


We offer both manual and electronic stencilling machines inclusive of all parts and accessories.

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Stencilling Products

If you are searching for high-quality stencilling products in South Africa, you have come to the right place. Allied Distributors supplies the best products on the market. In addition, we provide various products for different industry needs and requirements.

Browse our stencilling products in South Africa.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation our products guarantee precision and improved performance. Moreover, we can ensure that all of our products will stand up to the industry grade test.

The stencilling products we provide are made for any industrial application. Moreover, the options we have assure that your business can begin to soar in the market. Our quality is unmatched and can enhance your business to work in an optimum way time in and time out.

Feel free to contact us for more information. Alternatively, browse through our list of products and have them delivered ex-stock!

Manual Stencil Cutters

Industry leading performance since 1893.

A one-year warranty on parts covers our complete line of stencilling products in South Africa. The manual stencil cutter machine offers versatile, proven results in a rugged, industrial-strength package.

Electronic Stencil Cutters

Our most advanced stencilling products in South Africa offer excellent value. This versatile machine allows you to cut characters in various sizes with unique knife-saving technology, an extra-wide 29-inch bed, and an easy-to-use keypad. It cuts stencil board, heavy-duty polyester, magnetic vinyl, and white polyethylene film.

Interlocking Brass Stencils

  • Durable and resistant to solvents.
  • Brass stencilling products allow for nearly unlimited marking.
  • Assembly message by sliding adjacent grooves of individual stencils together.
  • Available from 25 mm to 150 mm in sets of A – Z and 0 – 9.
  • Vertically interlocking stencils are also available for marking on piping and cylinders.

Stencil Oilboard

Diagraph stencil board is processed with a special formula of double-boiled linseed oil, cured in their own plant, and cut with the grain for extra rigidity. It lubricates with each cut, extending the life of the stencil machine and resists ink absorption so the same stencil can be used many times. Custom oil board stencils can be cut from Diagraph stencil board or in aluminium for customers needing a once-off solution.

One Shot Roller®

Diagraph Oneshot stencilling product works great on rough and smooth surfaces. The Oneshot roller twists onto a specially designed ink cartridge, creating an easy-to-use stencilling tool. The roller assembly features a durable neoprene roller to assure long-lasting performance. There’s no messy refill; simply attach a new cartridge when you run out of ink.

Available in seven high-visibility colours. These inks are CONEG-certified and SARA-compliant and are convenient for remote job sites.

ROL-IT-ON system®

For all surfaces

Suitable for all surfaces. Make a wise investment with this economic system that marks porous and non-porous surfaces. Use the Rol-It-On ink pad to ink the roller before stencilling.

ROL-FLO system®

For porous surfacess

For porous surfaces. Make a good impression hour after hour with this durable, economical performer. A refillable, four-ounce (118.3 ml) plastic handle holds enough ink to mark up to 5 000 three-line addresses. Use with R and multi-purpose type ink.

Model M Stencil Brush

Designed for rough surfaces, this 190.5 mm stencilling brush features bristles set in epoxy for long-lasting performance with solvent-based inks. Easy-to-use side button releases ink.

GP-X Grizzly with Ultra Bold Tip/Valve Action/all purpose paint marker

When only the widest, huskiest mark will do, let a Grizzly take control. Replacement tips available.

Control-flo Refillable Marker

Make a bold impression on almost any surface with this refillable marker that offers low-cost-per-mark because of its large ink capacity. It is available with replaceable felt tips.

GP-X Anchor Valve Action / Water-based Paint Marker

Diagraph’s new water-based, high-performance marker helps you do more with less.

Requires only 60-seconds of dry time and features minimal solvent, making it safer for the user and the environment. Unregulation for all modes of shipping – even overseas!

GP-X Eco Valve Action/All Purpose Paint Marker

Clear The Air

Make a mark on your business, not the environment, with these eco-friendly, Xylene-free markers. Works great on metal, wood, rubber, glass and more and is available in seven appealing scents and colours.

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